History - Amateur Leagues

Premiers - Tally Room

6Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
3Wanniassa JoeysMike Purvis
2Territory TitansDaryl Grimwood
1Oberon BansheesMike Purvis & Daryl Grimwood
1Lucas's AvengersBrett Quester
1Stromlo MalgoylesMike Purvis & Daryl Grimwood
1Gold Creek GargoylesDaryl Grimwood
1Auckland ToroasEmily Grimwood
1Weetangera WarriorsMichael Grimwood

Premiers - Honour Board

2017Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2017Oberon BansheesMike Purvis & Daryl Grimwood
2016Territory TitansDaryl Grimwood
2016Gold Creek GargoylesDaryl Grimwood
2015Wanniassa JoeysMike Purvis
2015Auckland ToroasEmily Grimwood
2014Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2014Lucas's AvengersBrett Quester
2013Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2012Wanniassa JoeysMike Purvis
2011Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2010Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2010Wanniassa JoeysMike Purvis
2009Stromlo MalgoylesMike Purvis & Daryl Grimwood
2009Weetangera WarriorsMichael Grimwood
2008Harrison TransformersSimon Stevenson
2007Territory TitansDaryl Grimwood

Grand Final Results

YearHome TeamHome ScoreAway TeamAway ScoreGround
2017Harrison Transformers 1065 defeated Weetangera Warriors1060La Place
2017Gold Creek Gargoyles 1063 lost to Oberon Banshees1090Gungahlin Oval
2016Lathan Lepers 1004 lost to Territory Titans1032Calvary Carpark
2016Lucas's Avengers 1013 lost to Gold Creek Gargoyles1052The Hulkhouse
2015Wanniassa Joeys 1033 defeated Territory Titans964The Burrow
2015Alaskan Mallys 1033 lost to Auckland Toroas1041North Pole
2014Emily's Eeyores 902 lost to Harrison Transformers976The Hundred Acre Wood
2014Alaskan Mallys 882 lost to Lucas's Avengers938North Pole
2013Wanniassa Joeys 913 lost to Harrison Transformers961The Burrow
2012Wanniassa Joeys 1030 drew with Territory Titans1030The Burrow
2011Harrison Transformers 1106 defeated Territory Titans1023La Place
2010Stromlo Malgoyles 940 lost to Harrison Transformers966The Observatory
2010Wanniassa Joeys 969 defeated Emily's Eeyores960The Burrow
2009Harrison Transformers 955 lost to Stromlo Malgoyles981La Place
2009Weetangera Warriors 979 defeated Wanniassa Joeys897Weetangera Oval
2008Wanniassa Joeys 933 lost to Harrison Transformers979The Burrow
2007Territory Titans 911 defeated Emily's Eeyores840Titans Field