Whilst the founder of the iVFL would have liked it to be an original concept, in fact it was based on a competition he stumbled on over the internet in 1996. That particular competition was in its first season and remained in force for a few years, but like many others that have emerged since, it has long disappeared.

In its inaugural season (1997) the competition comprised of 6 teams managed by friends and colleagues of the founder. A small number of teams have come and gone since its inception, however, the competition today is far stronger with a higher level of commitment by all participants. Since 2002 the competition fluctuated with up to 9 in 2005.

2006 saw the introduction of the Spectator League concept with 4 Divisions of six teams. In 2007 the Amatuer League concept was kicked off in addition to the Professional and Spectator Leagues.

There have been many highs and lows experienced by iVFL coaches, and as you browse through the history pages these will become apparent. Those who have played the game for a number of seasons will acknowledge that there is a level of friendly rivalry between all coaches, and whilst we all play the game because of our passion for the AFL and the social outlet the iVFL provides, underpinning all that is our burning desire to succeed. Whilst I am sure the likes of Sheedy, Malthouse and co. are at times frustrated at their team's performance, this pales into insignificance when compared to frustrations experienced by an iVFL coach in their quest for ultimate glory.

There are many past events that do not appear in these history pages (an probably never will), such as:

  1. until the introduction of the Spectator Leagues there had only ever been two tied games in the history of the competition (Worms vrs Springboks - 1997 & Jack Tars vrs Butchers - Elimination Final 2002), and
  2. the time an unamed player appeared on two teams playing list for a number of weeks.

Take the time to browse through the History pages and revisit occassionally as new material is added.